Why? – The Most Important Question in Marketing

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I hate running. It’s boring, it hurts, and it takes too long. Why would I ever choose to run a half marathon?

I decided to tackle that challenge in 2016 when I ran my first (and last) half marathon. Why? I wanted to conquer something; I wanted to challenge myself. That simple question informed everything about that task. “Why?” informed how I trained, when I trained, what a realistic goal was and so much more. If I had started with “how” am I going to run a half marathon, I would’ve answered by running. I then would’ve shown up to the race ill-prepared, and quite honestly, might still be running to finish five years later.

Too many companies start off running. Whether it be implementing new technology, digital transformation, or simply launching a new campaign – run and get it working and figure out the rest.

Would you set sail without a compass? Would you move without researching? Would you climb Everest without a guide? Would you drive without Google Maps? OF COURSE NOT!!! Don’t be ridiculous. Why do companies decide it is okay to spend money on campaigns, billboards, technologies, etc., without a “why.” Without a real reason. A mentor of mine always says, “A tactic in search of a strategy.”

why – for what cause, reason, or purpose -(“Definition of WHY”)

Why are you running that ad campaign, why are you putting up billboards, why do you need to upgrade the technology? Why informs everything else; from how something will affect you and your team and the organization and, most importantly, why XYZ will affect the customer.

Without why you end up with campaigns like these: https://www.fastcompany.com/90565253/the-25-most-spectacular-branding-fails-of-the-last-25-years

Don’t start with running; trust me, it sucks.

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