What’s Next for Clubhouse? 5 Predictions

Feb 18, 2021Digital Marketing0 comments

Clubhouse is the new hotness in the social media world. The audio-only app has exploded over the past few months. To get you up to speed, check out Gary V’s dish on the app. I think it’s a fantastic app. But I wonder, what’s next? I’m sure over the next few years Clubhouse will try and squeeze its users for their dollars; why wouldn’t they. What will that look like? How does Clubhouse make money?

Possibility 1 – Paid Only Exclusive Rooms

I thought it was the coolest thing in the world to be in the same room as some NFL, MLB players – to hang out with the likes of Gary V and other idols of mine. Elon Musk recently broke the app, so clearly, some big hitters are using the platform. At what point are we expected to pay to sit in on a talk with Elon Musk, or Bill Gates, or top-tier celebs? I could see Clubhouse looking to monetize here, whether you pay a fee for a certain amount of tokens or just pay for the room itself.

Possibility 2 – Membership with Archive Abilities

Clubhouse “doesn’t record” the rooms, and once the room closes, that conversation is gone forever. Is there a chance in the future that a membership appears that will allow you to archive rooms for on-demand listening? I think this may be a useful feature as I often miss rooms I’d like to listen in on because of other obligations.

Possibility 3 – Brand Sponsored Rooms

I’ve already seen this sprinkled in a little bit on the app. It’s not like Tide is sponsoring rooms yet, but in the future, perhaps we see a Laundry Room Night, Wednesday Nights with Tide.

Possibility 4 – Scheduled Programming

I am certainly not old enough to remember this. Still, I’ve seen enough TV shows and movies that reference that family huddled around the radio on a specified night of the week to listen to Mystery Science Theatre’s latest episode – pre-tv clearly. With the overexposure to screens, could Clubhouse offer something similar? “New season of serial, on Clubhouse this Summer, tune in Wednesday nights for new episodes.”

Possibility 5 – Network Shows Come to Clubhouse

Imagine First Take with Stephen A., Molly, and Max on Clubhouse. Talk about a whole new level of audience engagement!! I’d love to chime in in real-time on the show any time Stephen A. disrespects Derrick Henry. Could that be rolled into the ESPN+ subscription, and Clubhouse gets a cut of that?

How do you think Clubhouse will evolve in the next few years? Will it still be around in 3 years? What will it look like? Let me know in the comments.

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