Upcoming Albums in 2012

Hey everyone, I thought I would take a look at some of the albums that are scheduled to come out in 2012. I really enjoy some of these artists and I encourage you to check them out, you’ve most likely heard of them.

First up: John Mayer – Born and Raised

John Mayer is one of the best guitar players ever, and he plans to showcase that with his new album Born and Raised. It was originally scheduled to release in October but as I understand it John was very ill and unable to finish it. It now has a TBA date but I’ve heard rumors of February. Most of the songs can be found on youtube, but they are all stripped versions with just John and his guitar, and a harmonica which will be used heavily in this album. John’s latest album Battle Studies failed to compare with his earth-shattering record Continuum with overly poppy beats, and empty lyrics. He plans to return to that meaningful songwriting with Born and Raised and it is sure to not disappoint.

The Fray – Scars and Stories Feb 7th

Coming off of their self titled second studio album, The Fray, Issac Slade and crew are poised for a chart topping record yet again. Heartbeat and The Fighter are two singles from the album that have already been released, and they are tremendous. The Fray never seems to disappoint with lyrics that everyone can relate to and emotional vocals that seem to sing everyones hearts. Slade does a particularly good job of showcasing his emotional vocals in The Fighter. The Fray are one of the bands that I would love to see in concert simply because I love every one of their songs. This album is sure to be a straight listen just like How to Save a Life and The Fray. Go get the singles on iTunes now!!!

Snow Patrol – Fallen Empires Jan 10th

Ever since their #1 hit Chasing Cars, Snow Patrol has flown under the radar. Thee are the type of band that if they came on the radio you wouldn’t change it, but you don’t necessarily have them on your iPod. Fallen Empires aims to change that sentiment. There are two full length videos on YouTube from this album, Called Out In the Dark and This Isn’t Everything You Are. Both are really good which is encouraging for the whole album. I think this is the type of album that will grow on you. Check out the two songs, what do you think? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Q-Gljs8Y3Q8

Ingrid Michaelson – Human Again Jan 24th

Ingrid is probably one of the most underrated artists out there. I had the privilege of seeing her live a couple of years ago when she opened for Matt Nathanson, and she was phenomenal. She burst into the public eye with her song The Way I Am which was used for an Old Navy commercial and she’s been on my iTunes ever since. Her songs aren’t the most poppy and catchy of all but they certainly are great songs.  She is coming off her fourth studio album Everybody which featured the hit song Maybe. Human Again is sure to be another success with Ingrid’s hardcore fans and the ability to tour with headliners such as Jason Mraz and Matt Nathanson.

There are a ton of albums coming out this year and you should check them all out including the ones mentioned above.

“You said I wouldn’t get too far, on a tank of gas and an empty heart, but I got everything I’ll ever need.”

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