Trusting the Process

Trust the Process. #ttp. The battle cry of Sixers fans ever since beloved GM Sam Hinkie captured our hearts.

Trusting the Process means SO much more than building a team through the draft. It means resurrecting a franchise. I am not old enough to remember the glory days of the Sixers from Wilt Chamberlain to Dr. Julius Erving. Luckily I am old enough to remember a “six-foot guard from Georgetown,” The Answer himself Allen Iverson. I was 11 when AI famously stepped over Ty Lue in those 2001 NBA Finals and I still remember that like it was yesterday. I remember the Sixers being the talk of the town.

Unfortunately, I also remember the Sixers being a disgrace in this town and it didn’t just start with the 19 win season in ’12-13. The Sixers have been bad for much longer than that. Yes, they have made the postseason 7 out of the last 15 years. They’ve also lost in the first round 5 out of those 7 times. Losing in the first round doesn’t really inspire the fan base, especially considering the East is so weak in the NBA.

“If you lose the last game of the season, no one gives a shit” -Moneyball

Philadelphia, don’t you dare be sour!! The time is finally upon us when our basketball team will be good again. I have never seen so many people care about Sixers Summer League. That could be in part because the Phillies are garbage, but hey I’ll take it. I have NEVER heard Philly Sports radio talk about the Sixers AT LENGTH, I honestly didn’t think 97.5 hosts knew any athletes in this city aside from Carson Wentz and Darren Sproles.

The Process turned me and my roommates into full season ticket holders for the 16-17 season. FULL SEASON TICKETS. If you had told me 5 years ago that I’d have season tickets I would’ve laughed at you. Does that make me a bandwagon fan? Some of you will think that; I could care less. We’re all getting in on the ground floor here.

The Process didn’t just build a team, it built a new fan base. Thank you Sam Hinkie, we all love you.

Redesign. Rebuild. Reclaim – Seth Rollins

Joel “The Process” Embiid and Ben Simmons waiting in the wings. The Process is in full swing now.

photo credit: Philadelphia 76ers via photopin (license)

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