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Hello all!! It’s good to be back! While the website is still a work in progress that doesn’t mean you can’t read my blog. So here is what I’ve been doing since my last post which I believe was after the Winter Classic. Songwriting. If you follow my page you know that I had been playing a ton of open mics. I’ve decided that I wanted to finish this group of songs before I get out there on the open mic circuit again. I have been posting all of my songs on my soundcloud and my reverbnation page, so everything is up to date with new stuff. Before I go on let me rewind and tell you a story about my soundcloud.

So turns out that “someone” listened to my soundcloud and thought that I was pretty good. They gave me a call and claimed to be a producer from Nashville. Of course if you know me you know that it is my dream to go to Nashville and record so naturally I was like this is amazing. They wanted me to come to Nashville record and then in the summer I would go on tour in the summer. Short lived dream. Turns out the thing was a scam, and they just wanted my money. Sad face! But lesson learned and confidence gained. I have been searching for someone to professionally record my songs since, but its really expensive. So if anyone knows anyone give me a call. 


Since then (that happend about two months ago) I have been writing non stop, bad songs good songs and everything in between. That is the only way you get better. So finishing a song really became a high priority for me as well as finishing this album. This will be my second album but since only about 5 people have the first one you wouldn’t know. I’ve decided to call it Closer to Love. Yes I know that is a Mat Kearney song. It’s sort of a nod to that, one because I love that song, two because I love the message behind it. Here is what was running through my head when brainstorming for the title.

My first album was called Changing the Way I Lose, for two reasons. It is a line from Matt Nathanson’s ‘All we Are’ and at that point in time that is what I was trying to do in my life. I was trying to change the way I approached things because I felt like no matter what I did, I ended up on the wrong side of things and empty handed. So as a continuation of that I decided on Closer to Love for this album. It is a collection of songs that I have written that I believe have brought me closer to love to speak in cliches. And that as they say is that!

I am almost finished, hoping to be done sometime around my birthday June 22nd, so keep an eye out and keep up the wonderful support!

What else….Oh John Mayers album comes out tomorrow!!! So excited for that. When it was available for stream in iTunes that’s all I listened to. It’s very good. I am going to try and do some cover’s from Born and Raised and post them on my youtube account so keep your eyes open.

It seems I have run out of things to talk about so that’s all for today! Again thanks for all the support, I promise the website will be done soon!!

“on our way home I realize, there’s some kind of storm brewing in his eyes” Out of Goodbyes – Maroon 5

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