Philly Friday

This is our first installment of Philly Fridays. Being four guys from Philly we’d like to take the time to talk about our hometown teams every now and then.

Philadelphia Phillies

For a span of a few hours this past week, Phillies fans were excited about a pitching prospect making his first start in the big leagues. An entire nation was energized about the historic pairing of Severino Gonzalez and Carlos Ruiz, the first pitcher-catcher pairing in MLB to both hail from Panama. Gonzalez is not the main pitching prospect that Phillies fans are hoping to see this year (Aaron Nola and Jesse Biddle), but there was hope. That’s something that has been sorely missing from this team in recent years. And then he pitched. Gonzalez only lasted 2 ⅔ innings Wednesday night, giving up 7 runs in the process. Who knows when or if we’ll see him again, since his pitching performance looked similar to Panama at the turn of the 20th century (ripped apart right down the middle and completely overpowered). At the moment, the Phillies are in the middle of a ten game road trip, finishing with three games in Miami, followed by three in Atlanta.

Philadelphia Eagles

Well, the NFL season has officially opened. The schedule has been set, the draft is underway, and the Sam Bradford jerseys are being pressed. The first round was a little less than spectacular. Chip wasn’t able to pull off a trade for Marcus Mariota and instead opted to take Nelson Agholor, WR out of USC. Agholor has been compared to Jeremy Maclin and why not? They have very comparable stats. He has good speed and is a very good route runner, at least according to the scouting report. Keep an eye out this weekend to see if Chip can find some diamonds in the rough. Fly Eagles Fly.

Philadelphia Flyers

The Flyers have been on the golf course for some time this season having been eliminated from the playoffs just over a month ago. There are a ton of problems with this team but ultimately everything trickles down from the top. People will say that Ed Snider just owns the team but doesn’t make decisions. I beg to differ. Would we have ever wasted money on Bryzgalov if not for Mr. Snider? Would we constantly have been in win now mode, instead of plan mode without Mr. Snider? No! Ed Snider has owned the Flyers for their entire existence and it is time for him to step down. This team will never win another Stanley Cup as long as he is signing the checks….On a brighter note Mike Babcock’s Detroit Red Wings have been eliminated from the playoffs. Let the speculation begin.

Philadelphia 76ers

We are closing in on the Philadelphia 76ers playoffs. No, not the actual playoffs. The draft season. It is less than a month until the lottery balls fall and we find out where our Sixers will be drafting. The Los Angeles Lakers pick and the Miami Heat pick are still in play, though very unlikely. Prospects to keep an eye on are Karl-Anthony Towns, Jahlil Okafor, D’Angelo Russell, and Emmanuel Mudiay. The Sixers already have two bigs but if they end up winning the lottery, it’s going to be hard to turn down the value of Towns or Okafor. Sam Hinkie lives and breathes by the best player available philosophy. On the other spectrum, the Sixers desperately need a point general like a Russell or Mudiay to lead them on the floor. Regardless, having to choose who to pick first because you won the lottery is good dilemma to have. If the balls fall right, one of these potential superstars will be a Philadelphia 76er.

Philadelphia Union

For a few weeks I was convinced that I was the reason the Union were not doing well this season. It seemed that every time I watched a game they underperformed, and the one time I wasn’t able to watch, they won. So I chalked it up to me being bad luck for the team, and decided not to watch their past game against Columbus. Rather than watch the game, my fiancée and I opted to cook a nice dinner and watch The X-Files. (Yes, we’re both 20 years late to watch The X-Files. Deal with it.) Turns out, we made the correct decision and I’m not bad luck. The team is just terrible. The Union were demolished against the Crew, losing 4-1 while only maintaining 37% possession (a stat that I’ve talked about on a previous post). They have played 9 games and only have 6 points to show for it, and if the current pace keeps up they will undoubtedly finish last place in all of MLS. Their next game is Saturday at 4pm against Toronto, so at the very least you’ll be able to watch The Union play on 6ABC. It’s been rough so far and the coaching staff wants everyone to stick with the team despite their performance on the field. Much like Mulder and Scully on The X-Files, I want to believe.

Honorable mention: The Philadelphia Soul

Photo Cred: My Brother Jeff.

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