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Peloton and the Search for Information

Dec 17, 2021SEO0 comments

I am in the Peloton cult now. My new building has a unit and it’s glorious, I don’t want to live without it! Our recent class got me thinking about the intersection of this fitness marvel and our coursework – we discussed the search for information in class recently. This post will examine how the search for information impacts Peloton.

What Are People Searching?

Based on the top Google trends related to Peloton, I arrived at the below keywords.

Searching Finding
peloton how much is peloton
peloton bike peloton apparel
peloton app peloton bike cost
peloton apple watch peloton bike for sale
peloton bike app peloton bike plus
peloton bike weight peloton bike shoes
peloton bikes peloton cost
peloton classes peloton exercise bike
peloton instructors peloton for sale
peloton membership peloton near me
peloton stock peloton plus
peloton tread peloton price
peloton treadmill peloton shoes
peloton workout peloton stationary bike
reddit peloton the peloton bike
what is peloton used peloton bike
what is peloton bike


Searching Keywords

While we can’t exactly know the users intent with many of these keywords, maybe we can learn something from the SERPs. When I put ‘peloton bike’ into Google, I am met with an assault of rich snippet features.


Based on the image, we can assume a few things about what Google thinks people are searching for:

The shopping ads at the top of the page are obvious – I wager this is activated anytime you put something remotely eCommerce into Google.

Google then serves the main Peloton site, a few people also ask questions, and then a map pack. I found the last item there to be interesting. Why would Google think that I am searching for Peloton’s nearby? ‘Peloton near me’ does appear in our Finding set, and maybe this points to the fact that Google is still struggling with intent – to be fair though ‘peloton bike‘ is a pretty vague term in the grand scheme of things.

Finally, the page wraps up with a few top stories, some videos, and two articles on Peloton.

Overall, I’d say this SERP gets a B+ for matching what I was searching for, because it gave me as many options as possible. With such a vague term, Google was not sure which direction I wanted to go so it presented a fork in the road if you will. Awaiting my next action so that it can learn from me.

Finding (Transactional Keywords)

Let’s add one more word to our search and see how that changes things:

Ads are still prevalent at the top of the SERP, but this time we get a much more ordinary results page.

The first few results are from the Peloton shop, which makes a ton of sense. The final few are articles about alternatives, or general buying tips.

In comparison to our first search, I think this SERP satisfied our search much better. Amazing what power a single word can add to Google’s specificity.

So What?

To me, the search for information is a huge definition, but the part of the phrase that speaks the most to me is information. People are out there every day conducting 63K search queries a second! ( That’s incredible. We yearn for information to solve our problems and answer our questions. When it comes to Peloton, people are also searching so many things (other than what we’ve already identified) check them out below.

Can a family share a peloton account? Does peloton sell used bikes?
Can I get in shape riding a bike? How do I find someone on peloton?
Can I share my peloton subscription? Is 20 minutes of biking a day enough?
Can Peloton instructors see you? What happens when you hit 1000 rides on peloton?
Does Peloton ever go on sale? Who is the hardest peloton instructor?


So how is Peloton answering these questions? How are they meeting users in the search for information?

The Pelton blog has 578 articles as of this writing, that is a LOT of content. To me it appears Peloton is doing a pretty good job of addressing the topics we identified above. For example.

Topic – Fitness Tips

Can I get in shape riding a bike?

Is 20 minutes of biking a day enough?

To me these two queries scream fitness tips and Peloton does a great job of serving up plenty of those with titles like, How Exercise Changed My Life | Mental Health Benefits of Exercise, How Do I Start Working Out Again? Getting Back Into a Workout Routine, Here’s Exactly Why The Peloton Bike is The Best Fitness Gift | The Output, Indoor Cycling Tips | How to Use These Training Variables on the Bike to Your Advantage

And many more in that vein, let’s check out some other queries.

Can a family share a peloton account?

Peloton hits this one spot on with a post titled: How to Share Your Peloton Bike With Family or Roommates.

The brand also does some pretty engaging things on Twitter, like the below:

I’d be shocked if a large influential brand such as Peloton wasn’t meeting users in the search for information and from this analysis, I’d give them an A+.

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