Notable NHL Free Agents

NHL Free Agent Frenzy begins at 12pm ET, July 1, 2015.

Mike Green

This guy is an absolute stud. Since arriving in Washington in 05-06 Green has been a pillar of the Caps defense. He has averaged just over 22 minutes a game throughout his career, is an all-star and has been runner-up for the Norris trophy twice. Green will likely make bank this off-season, and I’m sure the Caps would love to keep him around. I expect green to haul upwards of 7 mil. Teams to watch would be the Caps, Devils, and Ducks.

Marty St. Louis

What else is there left to say about Marty St. Louis? The 40-year-old is already considered a lock for the Hall Of Fame and rightfully so. But this isn’t about what Marty has done, its about what he could do for a team in need. Last season with the Rangers, St. Louis put up an impressive 52 points helping them reach the Eastern Conference finals for a consecutive season. He played 48% of his games with Chris Kreider and Derek Stepan. Kreider seemed to benefit netting 46 points as did Stepan with 55 points. Marty makes other players better, He is one of the best passers and set up men in the NHL even at the age of 40. That being said, I wouldn’t want to pay him over 5 mil for more than a year unless you’re the Coyotes who are so far below the cap it wouldn’t matter all that much.

Cody Hodgson

You may be asking yourself, why is this scrub on here? For me, it’s his potential. He had a rough year this past season collecting only 13 points in 78 games. Not great. However the year before that he put up 44 in 72 games, which is a nice season for a 24 yr old. Oh also, he was on the Sabres who are GOD AWFUL. If you could get him down to 3.75 mil for say two years on sort of a ‘show me’ contract, I think he would thrive. After all, he is only 25 and did finish 8th in Calder voting his rookie season. He could be a solid top-6 forward given the right cast.

Andrej Meszaros

Mez is a solid defender. He’s a guy who plays well in his own end and will occasionally step and provide some offensive support. at 29 years of age Mez should be entering the golden years of his career. If my squad needs some help on defense and I can get Mez for a 2-3 year deal under 4 mil, I’d pull the trigger. The only concern with him seems to be health. He did play 60 games last season but in his previous season he only played 14 and hasn’t played more than 62 games since 2011-2012.

Justin Williams

Mr. Clutch. While JWill is getting up there in age (33 now) he is one of the best clutch performers in the league. He is 7-0 in game sevens and has 7 goals and 14 points in those games. Teams won’t sign Williams expecting huge numbers in the regular season, they will sign him for the playoffs. Maybe a team like the Ducks or Caps could use him, two teams that are on the brink.

Antoine Vermette

Vermette was brought into Chicago this season at the deadline as a fall back plan in case Pat Kane was still out. Well Kaner showed up for the playoffs. Despite that, Vermette played well as a support center to Brad Richards and Pat Sharp on the way to winning the Stanley Cup. I think he would be a good third line center if you can get him under 3 mil. He will bring experience, something a young team like the Sabres, Jets or Islanders could use.

Andrej Sekera

The LA D Man is apparently looking for a raise, somewhere in the 5 mil range. The recent news of Slava Voynov being out with the Kings may incline them to re-sign Sekera, but with about 9 mil in cap room, I’m not sure he will be worth the hefty price tag for the them. Maybe he lands with the Panthers or the Hurricanes who could both benefit from a solid d-man.


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