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A while back we put our heads together and ranked the best players in all major sports. A caveat of this ranking was that they had to play at least five years during our lifetime. Since we were all born in 1989, five years of playing time since ’89 to the present. Here are our Top QB’s. This list is in no way complete and I’ll admit that it may even be flawed, but here is what we came up with. The list is in no particular order.

Peyton Manning – At 39 Peyton is still playing. In fact he had one of his best seasons ever  with the Broncos. setting the record for passing yards in a season with 5,477 and TD passes (55) in 2013. In fact he has finished the season leading the league in passing three times, 2000, 2003, and 2013. Talk about consistency over a long period of time. He is the active leader in passing yards with 69,691 over his career. Peyton is a first ballot Hall of Famer for sure. The only weakness in his resume would be the singular Super Bowl Victory with the Colts.

Tom Brady – Despite deflategate, phonegate and spygate, Brady remains one of the greatest QB’s of all time. If you don’t agree you can look to his four super bowl championships and 3 Super Bowl MVP’s. Brady is currently third on the active career passing list behind Manning and Brees. he is a 10-time Pro Bowler & 2-time First-Team All-Pro.

Steve Young – Inducted into the HOF in 2005, Young was a 7-time Pro Bowler & 3-time First-Team All-Pro. He led the league in passing TD’s in 92, 93, 94 and 98. Young is a 3 time Super Bowl Champ and a two time NFL MVP. It’s helps to have Jerry Rice to throw to but regardless Young is a legend.

Dan Marino – Probably one of the biggest reasons Jared likes the Dolphins, Dan Marino helped the Phins to be contenders in each of his seasons in orange and teal. He was inducted into the HOF in 2005 and was a 9-time Pro Bowler & 3-time First-Team All-Pro. The only blemish is his lack of championships. In 1984 Marino led the Dolpins to 14-2 and an AFC Championship. They ultimately lost to the 15-1 49ers.

Brett Favre – One of Dan’s all time favorites, Brett Favre is easily one of the best QB’s to ever play the game. Favre is second all-time for career TD’s, and first all time for passing yards with 71,838. He was an 11-time Pro Bowler & 3-time First-Team All-Pro. Favre is a Super Bowl Champ and 3x NFL MVP. He will be induted into the HOF without a doubt.

John Elway – The Denver Broncos sure have some good QB’s around these days. Elway is current General Manager of the Broncos where he spent his entire career. Elway is 6th all time in passing yards with 51,475 and 7th all time for TD passes with 300. He is a 2x Super Bowl Champ and a 9 time pro bowler. Elway was inducted into the HOF in 2004 the same year as Barry Sanders. He is the Denver Broncos all-time career leader (Career wins, Pass attempts, Pass Completions, Passing yards, Rushing yards by QB, Passing Touchdowns, Interceptions)

photo credit: Peyton Manning via photopin (license)

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