New Years Resolutions

Well we are officially one day into the new year, so here I go! Start blogging!!!

I wrote parts of a song today, I hope that it will grow into something better, working hard at it. Still searching for a full time job, it has become extremely frustrating, but what are you gonna do? I hope something turns up soon!

Today I have the privilege of going to see the Flyers play in the Winter Classic at Citizens Bank Park. While it may be a giant spectacle for the NHL it is a HUGE 2 points in the standings for the Flyers, lets get a win.

Other than that, New Years Eve was great. My friends and I spent the evening at Revolution House on 2nd and Market, good little bar, good food, great view, outstanding outdoor setting on the roof. I hope that I have more nights like that one in 2012 it was awesome. Goodbye to 2011 and things that didn’t happen, but the past is the past. As Tim Riggins would say No Regrets.

Get in shape
Write more music
Play more open mics
Get a full-time job
Go back to SJU to get my Masters
Be a better friend

Kinda usual resolutions but hopefully I can keep them all!!!

I’ll start a little tradition here and end every blog post with a favorite song lyric from that particular day, you guys can figure it out. (this one is easy)

“So this is the New Year, and I don’t feel any different. The clanking of crystal, explosions off in the distance.”

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