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My Favorite Digital Marketing Podcasts

Apr 4, 2020Podcasts2 comments

These days, I find myself listening to podcasts more than music. I discovered podcasts as a die-hard hockey fan searching for my own little community because, in Philadelphia, sports talk radio never covers the Flyers.

My podcast addiction has steadily grown into much more than just hockey. I have a few marketing podcasts that I listen to that help me generate ideas, and keep tabs on all of the new marketing technologies. Here are five of my favorite pods.

Marketing Over Coffee

At ~20 minutes an episode, this podcast takes about the same time it does to drink a cup of coffee (or so they say). I guess “Marketing Over Diet Coke” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Hosts John Wall and Christopher Penn cover all kinds of topics and present them in a clear concise manner. I have a notes section in my iPhone dedicated to just this podcast.

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MarTech Podcast

Host Benjamin Shapiro always has great guests on this pod. The Martech Podcast website is easy to use and offers succinct show notes for each episode. I find it to be a great resource to go back to after listening each week. It has introduced me to countless Martech companies that have really informed my personal and professional life. Give Ben a follow here.

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Marketing School

A daily bite sized podcast perfect for starting your day. Neil Patel and Eric Siu cover an array of topics and always mention great tools worth checking out. They deliver on their promise of giving actionable marketing advice every single day.

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The Paid Search Podcast

A recent discovery for me, Chris Schaeffer and Jason Rothman post a new episode every Monday. If you struggle to get started with Google Adwords, this is the place to go. The hosts cover great topics in an easy to understand tone. They also have a YouTube channel!!!

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Voices of Search

Shout out to Benjamin Shapiro for appearing twice on my list. Always the great host, this pod focuses on SEO. Again, this is a great tool not only to get the gears going when you have an idea, but it’s fantastic for discovering some cool SEO tools.

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  1. John Wall

    Nice, thanks for putting us at the top of the list!

    • danmartin42

      no problem John, thanks for keeping the episodes going in the social distancing era, really gives me something to look forward to during the week!


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