Let’s See How Wrong I Was

With the playoffs underway let’s take a look at my predictions from the beginning of the season. I’ll put the team and the corresponding prediction next to them.

Pacific Division Predictions

Anaheim Ducks: Playoffs
LA Kings: Playoffs
San Jose Sharks: Playoffs
Arizona Coyotes: No Playoffs
Calgary Flames: Playoffs
Vancouver Canucks: Playoffs
Edmonton Oilers: No playoffs.

  • It doesn’t take a genius to figure the Oilers wouldn’t make the playoffs. Edmonton has a bright future, but they need to get some D men and change some guys in that room if they want to stop finishing in the basement.
  • The Yotes showed less fight this season than I anticipated, but Max Domi and Anthony Duclair look like budding superstars, so that’s encouraging.
  • I can’t believe I said the Kings would finish as a Wild Card, I really underestimated the addition of Milan Lucic and their want to return to the playoffs.
  • I had high hopes for the Flames and they let me down.
  • The Ducks scared everyone for a bit there with a horrendous first half but they certainly have turned it around.
  • Vancouver really needs to rebuild.

Result: 42% correct.

Central Division Predictions

Dallas Stars: No playoffs
St. Louis Blues: Playoffs
Chicago Blackhawks: Playoffs
Nashville Predators: Playoffs
Minnesota Wild: No Playoffs
Colorado Avalanche: No playoffs
Winnipeg Jets: No playoffs

  • I was right with all three here. However, I did vastly underestimate the Stars. They looked great all season long and I expect them to make some noise in the postseason.
  • I also overlooked the Wild. Frankly I am shocked that they were able to hang onto that last wild card spot considering the midseason coaching change. Unfortunately for them they won’t draw the Hawks which is probably the only team they could beat given Chicago’s slump down the stretch.
  • The Avalanche failed to reach the postseason again. Should we be worried about Patrick Roy’s job?
  • Sadly the Jets will not be treating us to a white out this Spring.
  • Win a round St. Louis, then we can talk.
  • Blackhawks better get it together if they want to repeat.

Result: 42% correct

Atlantic Division Predictions

Florida Panthers: No playoffs
Tampa Bay Lightning: Playoffs
Boston Bruins: No playoffs
Detroit Red Wings: No playoffs
Ottawa Senators: Playoffs
Montreal Canadiens: Playoffs
Buffalo Sabres: No playoffs
Toronto Maple Leafs: No playoffs

  • Welcome back to the playoffs Florida. Good on them for seemingly coming out of nowhere. I knew they would be better, but they played stellar all season long.
  • Ah Montreal, how far you have fallen. Carey Price is clearly the glue that holds that team together. GM Marc Bergevin should considering making some changes, behind the bench and otherwise.
  • Much like their GM, I was severely disappointed that the Sens missed the playoffs. They are a fun team when they get going. Cost the head coach his job. I think that makes 8 coaches in 6 seasons, or something crazy like that.
  • Boston went from being 2nd in the division on Feb 20th to out of the playoffs, once again choking down the stretch. I expect some changes in Bean town because of this.
  • The Red Wings extended their streak of postseason appearances to 25 largely in part to Boston imploding.

Result: 12% Correct aka I am a moron.

Metropolitan Division Predictions

Washington Capitals: Playoffs
Pittsburgh Penguins: Playoffs
New York Rangers: Playoffs
New York Islanders: Playoffs
Philadelphia Flyers: No playoffs
Carolina Hurricanes: No playoffs
New Jersey Devils: No playoffs
Columbus Blue Jackets: Playoffs

  • The Caps offseason moves payed dividends as they ran away with the Presidents Trophy. Holtby, Ovi and company are the favorites to come out of the East. The Blackhawks were the last team to win the Stanley Cup in the same season as winning the Presidents Trophy in 2012-2013.
  • The Pens went on a tear to finish out the regular season. Under new Head Coach Mike Sullivan, Crosby seems rejuvenated and the Pens are playing a much more complete game. They could give the Caps fits if these two end up facing each other.
  • The Rangers were expected to be here and with King Henrik in net they could always steal a playoff round. Just don’t pin your hopes and dreams on the blueshirts this year.
  • The Islanders were able to grab the first Wild Card spot in the east. Meaning they will become an atlantic division team for the playoffs so that should be interesting.
  • The Flyers snuck into the playoffs under rookie Head Coach Dave Hakstol and very clearly in the middle of a rebuild. They finished the season with the second best record over the last 25 games and I hear they have this guy named Ghost. Apparently he is pretty good.
  • Really Columbus, really?

Result: 50%, unsurprisingly the division I watch the most, I was the most accurate on. I still am shaking my head at my confidence in Columbus heading into the season.

This is going to be a fun Spring!

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