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It happened by accident. Nearly a decade after graduating with a food marketing degree, I am now a digital marketing professional. I always had an interest in all things tech, which has greatly helped me as I’ve settled into this profession. 

It was May 2011: graduation behind me, summer ahead. I had earned a BS in Business Administration and was working as a manager at Wawa with my eyes set on Corporate. Unfortunately that never came to fruition. Frustrated with retail, I sought other opportunities. I finally began my career in 2013 landing a job with a law firm as a marketing assistant. 

The firm was small, as was the marketing team which consisted of me and my boss. This environment afforded me a hands on learning experience like no other. I got exposure to a little of everything: website management, email marketing, brochure creation, events, survey management. Doing a little bit of everything allowed me to discover what I really liked. I could spend hours in dreamweaver and our CMS just fiddling with things. The web became a love of mine. 

Eventually I moved to a firm in the city, where once again the web was at the forefront of my role. Upon my arrival, the firm’s website was not mobile friendly. I took the initiative and scoured the code for a solution. After a couple rounds of tinkering, I was able to provide a solution. My superiors noticed my tech savvy and rewarded me further opportunities to work on technology projects. After nearly 4 years at the firm, I left a Digital Marketing Specialist. I contributed to the firms data management, co-owned management of the website and CMS, managed the firm podcast and webinars, contributed to email marketing and many others. 

After nearly 6 years in the legal industry, I wanted to expand my horizons. I worked as a Digital Marketing Specialist at a real estate services company, before becoming a Marketing Technology Manager at a staffing company. 

Today, I wear many hats, as all digital marketers should. Certainly there are specialties, but a good digital marketer knows how to do a little bit of everything effectively. 

What are your specialties? I’d love to hear your story. Share in the comments below!

Photo by Diggity Marketing on Unsplash