Buzzer Beaters Keep Things Interesting

Guest Post by Cody York, Talking About Sports
Cody York is one of the co-hosts of a sports podcast, called ‘Talking About Sports,’ which can be found on iTunes. He is a diehard sports fan who is from Philly, so he loves sports and heartache. He plays softball, golf, pick-up basketball and has been spotted roller blading once or twice down Kelly Drive. His sports knowledge is as vast as his opinions…or at least he thinks they are.

The past three days in the NBA have been fun, huh? Buzzer beaters and close series; what more could you ask for?

Well, take a closer look. It’s largely window dressing. Two of the buzzer beaters were bank shots. and not good looking ones by any stretch of the imagination.

Derrick Rose took a horrible fade away 3 with man in his face causing him to chuck it too hard. It goes in and he struts away flat lined as if nothing happened. You can only have that response if you shot a dagger, not when you made it despite yourself. Remember when Tiger Woods chipped in from just off the green in 2008 when he air mailed it? He covered his face with his hat with a giant smile as if to say ‘whoops, didn’t mean to do that and it kinda worked out’ THAT would have been the only acceptable response from that punk, D Rose. What a dis-likable character.

Paul Pierce might of made a bank, buzzer beater, but he traveled his face off before he did. It wasn’t even a close call. It wasn’t your typical NBA style ‘we’ll give you a benefit of the doubt’ travel’ It was full on, Pierce shifted his pivot foot 360 degrees with an extra pitter patter before he shot. Insane to give him that shot. I don’t care if you are a veteran. That is just blatantly breaking the rules. If he were Tom Brady he’d be looking down the barrel of a 4 game suspension.

LeBron James knocked down the only stone-cold-killer shot of them all. BUT, that game was so poorly officiated, The officials called a bogus technical foul on J.R. Smith after he got his head ripped off which gave the Bulls a free point (that means the LeBron shot didn’t need to happen). They also called him for 3 offensive fouls, 2 of which were bogus. The refs treat D Rose like a china doll, giving him any foul that involves someone within 15 feet because they are afraid of his knee getting hurt again.

At least there is some justice that the Los Angeles Clippers are taking it to the godlike James Harden. Memphis and Golden State is like a battle of the teddy bears. don’t they just both look so cute!! Ha.

If you look closely, you will see an NBA playoffs, featuring Paul Pierce, Mike Conley, Jeff Teague and J.R. Smith. That’s not exactly compelling television.

Even the strongest LeBron haters are cheering for his success as its the only thing that will keep you watching in the finals. Because a Wizards – Grizzlies Final will get the same rating as a re-run of Lost, season 4.

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