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6 Internet Marketing Tools For Productivity

Apr 6, 2015Uncategorized0 comments


Evernote get’s top honors here because I use it for just about everything. It is great for organizing bookmarks, snapping articles, and writing to-do lists. Another great feature is sharing. Evernote allows you to share your notes with someone, allowing for collaboration at work. This is a phenomenal and versatile tool.


Buffer and I are best friends. If you are familiar with Hootsuite then I suggest you give Buffer a try.  This great tool gives you the ability to schedule your social media posts. It allows you to program posts for the ideal time. Buffer shrinks links and includes images flawlessly. It also includes analytics, and content suggestions. The best part, it’s all free. For marketing on a budget this is a very handy tool.


Canva allows me to become an artist. It is an image/ad creation tool featuring layouts of all the popular post styles on social media, as well as header images, and some other layouts like menus. It is loaded with free options for backgrounds, text layouts and much more. If you can’t decide on anything free, everything paid is simply $1 on the site.


A great tool for twitter analytics brought to you by the fine folks at Moz. This tool allows you to search for twitter bios, compare users, analyze your followers all for free. If you subscribe it allows you to sort and track your followers. The great thing about the analytics part is it breaks your followers or people you follow down by country and will also tell you the most active times on twitter. It’s like a mini Google analytics for Twitter.


Do you like followerwonk? Wanna focus on influencer marketing? Check out Grin.


I have a confession.  I only started using Trello two weeks ago, but it still deserved a spot on this list.  Trello allows me to organize my to do lists in a visually pleasing way, and allows me to rearrange them to how I see fit. I can add pictures and hyperlinks and if others are using Trello, I can make them responsible for a task!


This is a bonus, because this dopelist opens up a world of possibilities as far as tools go. This site gives you access to fonts, photos, blogs to read, inspirations, colors and much more. Truly the hammer in my toolbox.

Honorable Mention: ColorZilla (a chrome extension)

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