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About Me

From about the age of 1, I was brainwashed to be a Saint Joseph’s Hawk. My mother is a college basketball junkie, and my cries could frequently be heard in the halls of the Palestra. The crimson and grey stuck, and I moved onto the Philadelphia campus in 2007. Going into college, I had wanted to be in sports marketing. Unfortunately, Saint Joseph’s did not have a program relevant at that time, so I entered college as a general marketing major. About a year and a half in, I realized how many excellent food marketing resources there were on campus, and I pivoted to concentrate on that. In 2011, I graduated with a BS in Business Administration, Concentration Food Marketing.

Finding a job wasn’t so easy. Many of the available positions at that time were sales focused. I have always known that it is not me, so I started a career with Wawa. My grand plan was eventually to work for Wawa Corporate, but things never fell that way. After a stint in retail, I landed at a small intellectual property firm in Valley Forge. My career in legal marketing had officially begun.

Two and a half years out in the suburbs made me long for the city. I ended up getting a job with a downtown firm in the marketing department. This near four-year period saw me take on a few different roles. Ultimately I carved out a niche in the marketing technology space. Now in 2022 I get to play Don Draper at Legal Internet Solutions Inc., reuniting once again with law firms. 

That’s the career part – now onto the fun stuff. When I am not working or doing work-related stuff, I am likely watching sports. I am a huge Tennessee Titans fan and loyal to the hometown Philadelphia Flyers and Philadelphia 76ers. I am currently studying for my MS in Digital Innovation in Marketing at Temple University and am excited about its journey.