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Hi there –

My career started out in legal marketing. Shortly after graduating Saint Joseph’s with a Food Marketing degree, I landed a job at a small intellectual property law firm in Montgomery County, PA. After a few years there, I got a job at another firm in Center City Philadelphia. I eventually left the legal industry to expand my horizons in digital marketing.

Today I am a digital marketing professional based in Philadelphia, PA. But what does that mean? Digital Marketing can mean any number of things: SEO, Content, Social Media, Operations, etc…

I am particularly passionate about the SEO/SEM aspect of Digital Marketing. Of course, any good carpenter needs to know how all of his tools work, not just the hammer. I continually look for ways to build on my experiences utilizing online learning as well as more traditional education opportunities.

I hope to advise you on any of your digital marketing questions and I look forward to serving you.

-Daniel Martin