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I am an experienced digital marketer, freelance digital marketing consultant, and aspiring data scientist. AKA a nerd, who also likes marketing. 

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Peloton and the Search for Information

Peloton and the Search for Information

I am in the Peloton cult now. My new building has a unit and it’s glorious, I don’t want to live without it! Our recent class got me thinking about the intersection of this fitness marvel and our coursework – we discussed the search for information in class recently....

Second Screen Sports

Second Screen Sports

-This content originally appeared as part of my Master's program coursework at Temple University Over the past few weeks, we have been discussing mobile and how important it is as (often) the first channel for many of our customers. According to Hootsuite, there are...

UX for SEO – Tips from Google Documentation

UX for SEO – Tips from Google Documentation

I've been reading a lot of Google Search Central lately. It's not the most exciting read on the web, but it certainly helps me stay sharp in the SEO game. As I read the documentation, some things screamed UX to me. Topics that we have touched on in class that I never...